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About us

Levira International was founded in 1971 in Oliveira do Bairro, Aveiro, Portugal, and it has more than 500 employers today. We assumed a sustainable growth policy and invested in a sophisticated technological facility, in the creation of infrastructures aiming environmental protection and in the specialization of our human resources. We believe the focus on design and quality are factors that allowed us to achieve an important position in national and international markets. By creating ergonomic office furniture products with attractive designs and good customer service, our products are synonymous with dynamism, functionality and comfort.

We Love Quality

Satisfaction doesn’t exist without a reliable product. All our products go through specialized tests proving their endurance is higher than the European Specifications and Normatives. At Levira, we comply with the necessary procedures to detect and correct any anomaly that may have an impact on the markets, raw materials, manufacturing processes, technical assistance and logistics. We were awarded with a quality management systems certificate (ISO 9001) and were environmentally certified (ISO 14001), both by SGS. We also collaborate with TECNALIA, a prestigious technical research center that tests and certifies our products under certain normatives.

Happy Customers

The greatest delight for us is having satisfied customers. This is why we put our clients upfront in our priorities. We’ve been working with several clients over the years, from small business to multinationals, public and private institutions and well-known brands. Our experience ranges from offices, schools, libraries, hotels to convention centers.


Social Responsibility

Over the years, Levira International has been concerned about economic development, social responsibility and environmental protection, based on a culture of ethics, truth, justice and respect for our community. We seek to adopt a participative approach, taking responsibility in all activities, sharing them with our customers, workers and suppliers. Several projects have been embraced by us, reflecting a real social concern, both in the involvement of our community and respect for the environment.