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Comfort, Design & Privacy

Workplaces nowadays allow easier teamwork. However, open space offices and coworking areas call for a more silent space so that workers can have more focus and privacy whether they need to make an important call, a videoconference, a more demanding work or simply for work meetings. CAPSULE allows this needed privacy without compromising the workflow of your office.

The Perfect Choice for Your Office

These cabins are designed with the purpose of creating acoustic isolated spaces from the noisy areas where they are assembled. With an unique and cosy design, CAPSULE is available in several colors and is made of light and comfortable materials. It is perfect to increase privacy, tranquility and productivity without giving up too much office space and maintaining visual contact with teammates.

Choose Its Size

CAPSULE is available in two sizes: up to 2 or 4 people. Designed to be modular booths, it is possible to transform a two people booth into a 4 people booth and vice versa. It is only necessary to add one extra module.

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