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ERGONOMY line was designed to answer the needs of the office worker who often spends 8 hours sitted in the same position. Our tables allow you to switch between standing and sitting positions, thanks to its manual or electric lift range, using a Linak DL16 desk lift system, with an elevation range between 65 and 125 centimeters. This significantly contributes to improving one’s physical health.

Choose Your Favorite Design

There are numerous leg options to choose from, whether U-shaped, vertical leg, slanted leg or wheeled legs. This line is completed with accessories such as: cable glands, electrical plugs with a cover on the table top itself, CPU supports, and the possibility of placing fabric or melamine panels.

Moldable Technology

This line was thought and designed with tables that can be adjusted electrically, using a command, or manually, using a hand crank. We designed it having in our minds your comfort and well-being.

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