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Celular Work System

EVOLUTION desks are much more than just desks: they are living and breathing work systems. They are modular, adaptable, celular, and organic. Together, these systems create functional and connected workplaces, thriving collaboration, creativity, inspiration and comfort. Collectivity has overshadowed individuality. Now we build our future as a team.

Organic Power

The petal-shaped desks work by themselves for up to 3 people. But when combined together, that’s when they unleash their power. With an organic structure, EVOLUTION line’s desks promote interaction by intersecting common áreas and allowing people to work closer together. Complete your team work with the extension modules, connecting modules and pedestals.

Storage and Privacy

Offices are always in need of room to store materials and documents. That is why EVOLUTION has storage pedestals that easily fit into the desk structure, with the option for space for nature to flourish in your office. It is also possible to attach desktop partitions whenever you need to physically separate and isolate workspaces.

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