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Economy & Lightness

L50 is a partition with a 50mm thick profile and 40mm front thickness expression. Its structural elements are made from aluminum and can be matched with glazed or solid panels. Economy, simplicity and lightness are the three main elements that represent glass, aluminum and solid panels. Choose from the several colors and finishes available for both profiles and panels.

Glazed, Mono or Solid Panels

L50 allows full glazed panels with a lower thinner profile with 10 or 12mm thick safety glass, which can be fully transparent, frosted, printed or have a film. Mono panels are single opaque 25mm thick panels that can be covered with melamine or wood veneer. Solid panels are made from a 48mm thick sandwich panel which provides a better acoustic behavior, improving privacy, and has the benefit of having half hidden structural profiles. The best part is that they can be mixed with each other.

Hinged or Sliding Doors

L50 hinged doors can be full height or mixed height. Glazed or opaques covered in melamine or wood veneer. In size they can have one leaf, one and a half or two leaves. They come with optional features such as door closers, floor springs, integrated drop seal, electric door locks and electric control access. Sliding doors can be single, double, glazed or solid.

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