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Stronger & Better

With simple and continuous lines, and only 8 profiles, L80 partition is versatile and easy to install, with a 50mm thick side and 40mm thick front profile. It has a vast array of combinations that allow creating the most suitable solution to each space. The constant dynamism of spaces requires partition systems to be highly flexible.

Glazed or Opaque Panels

Acoustically improved solution with single, double or triple safety glazing, in single panels, 10 or 12 mm thick, transparent, matte, printed or with film, fixed to each other by an element of colorless polycarbonate and have the possibility of venetian blinds or roller blinds between glasses. For more privacy, choose an opaque panel with a thickness of 48 mm for acoustic improvement with exposed or semi-hidden profiles.

Multiple Possibilities

L80 also allows the combination of different aesthetic and formal elements. The panels can be in melamine, wood or metal, and contain several geometric divisions forming an interesting visual game. It is also possible to place wooden bars for more permeable divisions between spaces, integrated lighting, emergency lights or office occupation signs, or even crystal screens that work as televisions or to support presentations.

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