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Modular Design

OXO: one system, one image, one style, one way of work. Assemble with a click, change with a click, add with a click. It can adapt itself to any configuration with a click. It is designed to answer today’s office’s demands for a flexible workspace. The structure is easily assembled to desktops by the clip-on system which allows different sizes and accessories combinations.

Endless Possibilities

With OXO is possible to have different workspaces that ensure the ideal solution for every purpose, while allowing everyone to have the right level of comfort, practicality, storage and privacy.

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OXO allows to create distinctive areas in the office by using different and more noble materials, resulting in different hierarchy zones. The glass top for desks is an excellent option for reception areas. From a single desk to an “L” counter, all is possible for public areas. Reception desks can also have a fabric protective screen or a reception counter.

A Complete

Organizational System

OXO has a full range of storage like cabinets, pedestals with drawers, shelving systems, all available in a complete array of colours and finishings to match your needs and your office design.

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