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Lisboa, Portugal

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The work took place in an open space of 300m2.

We supplied numerous products such as office furniture and partitions. The embodiment of special pieces was the element that showcased the versatility and commitment of the company.

Several elements such as the Logo Panel, the tubular partitions or the counter reception demanded a singular final product. The final product is the result of a continuous and rigorous work in all the different production stages.

As decorative elements, false ceilings, carpets, L50 glass partitions and TYPE B modular cabinets were used, products commonly present in our works, they were combined with a tubular partition, prepared to separate spaces, but without breaking visibility.

The pantry, developed according to our client’s needs, is also a highlight, due to the luxury finishes used, such as inserts on the walls, high-gloss lacquered furniture and a Silestone counter.

L50, TYPE B, Lockers, Link