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TEMPUS Versatile and Accessible Team Work Teamwork implies a sharing and trustful relationship. TEMPUS line is a decisive conciliator in circumstances where we have simultaneous needs for sharing and individuality. With a controlled and truthful design it provides an optimized price/quality relation. is designed with minimalist lines which provide an excellent option of accessible and

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PRIMUS Efficiency and Simplicity The subtle style of PRIMUS allows it to be incorporated into all spaces and needs, including management solutions. The choice of different finishes creates stylish and minimalistic work environments. Balanced operative solutions favoring communication and teamwork. A wide range of accessories allows to set each station according to its specific needs.

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PERFILINE The Creative Desk It is sometimes difficult to foresee how workflows will develop. With PERFILINE, not only is it possible to join desks but also the shapes of the various elements make these workstations a reflection of the creative minds behind them. These workstations can be complemented and separated by wooden, painted metal, or

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ON The Modular Operative System ON is a complete system that allows to combine common parts; assembling, changing and re-configuring workstations is easy due to its click assembling scheme. It has storage cabinets, book shelves, partitions and a large range of accessories easy to move or change. Power to Choose ON has two different types

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OXO Modular Design OXO: one system, one image, one style, one way of work. Assemble with a click, change with a click, add with a click. It can adapt itself to any configuration with a click. It is designed to answer today’s office's demands for a flexible workspace. The structure is easily assembled to desktops

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FORMS Unleash Your Creative Potential Create an unique and different workplace from what is considered a traditional office, where you have the comfort and inspiration needed to foster your creative process. Think outside the box and look at spaces from a new point of view. Create your own way of working with the new FORMS

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CONNECT Productivity Requires Adjustable Solutions CONNECT is an unique operative system characterized by its geometric simplicity, strong structure and practicability. Its main distinctive point are the storage units connected to the desks which facilitates the exchange of information, maintains privacy and makes optimal use of the available space. The Perfect Spirit for Teamwork Meeting with

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EVOLUTION Celular Work System EVOLUTION desks are much more than just desks: they are living and breathing work systems. They are modular, adaptable, celular, and organic. Together, these systems create functional and connected workplaces, thriving collaboration, creativity, inspiration and comfort. Collectivity has overshadowed individuality. Now we build our future as a team. Organic Power The

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ABC A Dynamic System ABC is a complete range of shelving units and reading tables for libraries, offices and museums. Totally multipurpose, it is a fast assembling system with multiple configurations. One of its main characteristics is the length of its shelves, allowing it to be reduced on vertical panels. Acessories That Make the Difference

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